Pact's Ethical Coffee Forum

Have your say on how we source our coffee - either come down to Pact HQ or watch the live stream on Google Hangouts and contribute via Twitter or Facebook.

It is an exciting time at Pact, we are growing fast and starting to source our beans independently.

We think it's important that from cherry to cup, the coffee you know and love is ethically sourced. We could work this out on our own, but we know we'll do a better job by speaking with and listening to you.

After all, we are nothing without our customers.

So, come down to Pact HQ or watch the event live on Google Hangouts & Youtube.

You can chat to us on Google Hangouts Q&A, get involved on Twitter by using #EthicalCoffeePact, post on the wall of our Facebook event or email us on

Read our latest blog post on Fairtrade and ethical coffee sourcing for more info.


  • Will Corby

    Will's our new Head of Coffee. He goes to farms, tastes the coffee and buys us those lovely green beans. Will knows our farmers and loves each one of them.

  • Stephen Rapoport

    The founder and CEO of Pact. Stephen is passionate about paying good money for good coffee.

  • Rob Carter

    Our CFO. He knows all there is to know about Pact's finances. Charging a fair price for our beans is as important to Rob as it is to you.


  • Pact Coffee

    Delicious coffees delivered fresh from roasting to home or work.

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