Paradigm | Avatar-based virtual reality

location Exchange Christchurch (XCHC) | 6 PM-8 PM Monday 30 April 2018 (SST)

A casual evening to introduce people to Paradigm

Welcome to New Zealand’s only avatar-based virtual reality world called Paradigm.

We're hosting a casual evening to introduce people to avatar-based virtual reality and how to do everything from creating an account and avatar to exploring & creating a virtual world.

The world has been created to add value to education and professional development as well as providing easy access to training and guidance to those who are disadvantaged.

The training evening will introduce participants to the following: • The avatar and how to use it • The virtual reality world and its features • Building in virtual reality • Basic 3D animation in virtual reality with scripting • Terraforming land and creating rivers It is online therefore you can be anywhere in the world. From basic animation to complex systems anything is possible.

Some of the things to do or create are: • Build buildings • Drive vehicles, boats, planes, motorbikes • Make furniture and clothing • Terraform land with water features and landscapes • Create any online resource The evening will discuss all these aspects of virtual reality environments. Sign up now to create your own virtual reality environment. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Bring your laptop, an extension cord and a double plug

Timeline 6.00pm Arrive // Grab beer from the bar 6.30pm Introduction to Paradigm and create an account 7.00pm Building and scripting 7.25pm Paradigm administration 7.30pm Make online friends and have fun. Finish


Exchange Christchurch (XCHC)

376 Wilsons Rd, Waltham, Christchurch 8011, New Zealand

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