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Writing a Compare and Contrast Essay

Are you one of those students who does not enjoy writing a compare and contrast essay? You should not be worried, because following 6 points will tell you how you can write a compare and contrast essay. 1. Examine the Texts Carefully: You will not be able to write a well-composed compare and contrast essay without reading the requirements. You should make notes by comparing two things about which you have to write an essay.

  1. Listing down the Similarities and Differences: You should write down the similarities and difference between the two things on a paper after you have carefully examined them. You should write on a paper whatever comes to your mind.

  2. Segregation and Transformation: You should select the points for your essay that are most importantly similar and different; it will aid you create a good essay. You should choose the points that are central to the identity of both pieces of work, and you should convert the points that you have gathered in words.

  3. Writing an Outline: You should make an outline to set the flow for your essay. Typically, compare and contrast essay consists of 6 paragraphs. You will be commencing your essay with an introduction that will be the first paragraph of your essay. Introduction of your essay will give readers an idea about the two things that you are going to compare. Body of your paragraph will consist of 4 paragraphs, and you will be describing the similarities and differences between the two things in the main body of an essay. In the last paragraph of a compare and contrast essay, you will restate your thesis statement.

  4. Filling the Details: As soon as you have made an essay outline, then writing an essay only requires you to support your points with solid evidences from the pieces of work that you have read. The point here is that you convince your audience and teachers to accept your arguments. You should fill in the details in your essay if you want to successfully compare two things and render differences between two things.

  5. Edit: The last part of writing a compare and contrast essay is editing. Editing will help you make your essay error-free. You should search for grammatical mistakes and spelling errors, and you should correct the mistakes and errors if you find them in your essay. You also have the option to hand over your essay to someone else, and ask him/her to proofread an essay for you.

Writing a compare and contrast essay is a difficult task, and you can write it if you breakdown the essay writing process in sections. You should not forget to visit the library to find similarities and differences between two things about which you have to write an essay.

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