People-centered housing: Designing the alternative

location Turl Street Kitchen | 8 AM-9 AM Wednesday 13 April 2016 (GMT)

With the wrong brief even the best designs cannot address systemic issues. Housing is one such example. Issues of ownership (over the both process and product), access to land, affordability, etc. cannot be resolved spatially – the typical focus of architectural design. Therefore can architects address these issues in stage zero? This session will focus on T/D’s work with community-led housing approaches and permanently affordable housing models. The discussion will include: • What a building does, before what a building is • How to decouple housing from the market: considering homes as social assets rather than financial assets • Who is the client, who is the designer? Co-design approaches • An intoduction to OPAL Neighbourhoods (One Planet Affodable Living Neighbourhoods) developed in partnership between Transition by Design and Bioregional Organised and facilitated by Transition by Design.


Turl Street Kitchen

16 Turl St, Oxford OX1 3DH, United Kingdom

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