Plymouth Game Devs Hosts 48 Hour Game Jam Ludum Dare

Join Plymouth Game Devs for Ludum Dare 36, a 48 hour game jam taking place on campus over the weekend of the 26th.

The rules are simple:

  • Turn up at the Jam site with whatever equipment you need to make games (PC, Laptop, Build devices, Arduinos, Pens, Paper, Caffeinated beverages) NOTE - Any equipment that is not standard office equipment (consoles, toasters etc) will need to be PAT tested.

  • Build a game over 48 hours and based on the theme announced on the Ludum Dare site, going from concept to implementation in whatever manner suits you best.

  • At the end of the 48 hours, make sure your game runs in a build, submit your end product to the Ludum Dare site, and then go home and crash, happy in the knowledge of a job well done!

  • …and then, when you've recovered later on, check out some submissions from other people.

The jam will be running from Saturday morning to Sunday evening, in the Marine building, on Plymouth University campus. The marine building is where a few of our community game dev's work, and we'll be there around 9:00AM to let people in, but access is by keycard only, so if you're having trouble getting in just give @OhCarson, @BrainyBeard or @SoGoodStudios a shout on twitter.

We look forwarding to seeing you there :)

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