Pie Sharers Guild: Inaugural General Assembly

location The Old Flax Store, Marshalls Mill, Holbeck | Thursday 31st July 7.30pm

The first Assembly of the Guild. Eat pie, drink beer, hatch plans.

During this, our first Assembly, we will discuss the creation and operation of the Pie Sharers Guild. What are we going to do? How are we going to do it?

The start point is outlined on our website and associated blog. Where it ends is up to you.

Our venue for the evening (pictured) is the new Northern Monk Brewery. Head Honcho Russell Bisset will regale us with tales of their journey there.

Roland Harwood of 100%Open will talk about Open Innovation.

Nick Copland will speak of creative collaboration to establish new business models.

Tim ineaux will encourage you to get practical about the formation of the Guild.

You are welcome to invite friends and collaborators. Please ask them to sign up to attend.

The event is free. There will be an advance charge for pie & a pay bar.


  • rolandharwood

    Compulsive Connector | Co-Founder of @100open | Proud & Exhausted Dad of 3 | Optimist | Physicist | Failed Astronaut | Piano Player | Deeply Shallow

  • Nick Copland

    Writer and food impressario currently wrangling projects in Leeds and Sheffield - Firenza-driver, OH, Dad, cheese champion and hat-fan.

  • Russell Bisset

    Beer. Travel. Running. Music. Brother @NMBCo

  • tim ineaux

    Instigator, activist, botherer. Part John Peel, part Chris Morris. TSOH. Co-founder of @GFNLeeds


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