Pie Sharers Guild: Story Writing Workshop

location ODI Leeds C/O Actuated Futures | 7 PM-8:30 PM Thursday 09 October 2014 (BST)

Following from #PieShare2, let’s get together this time to get inspired, get creative, and see where that takes us.

Why are we doing this? It will be useful to start connecting the dots from #PieShare1 and #PieShare2 and shape, extend, and polish the answer to Why The Pie Sharer’s Guild

How? We will apply a simple and effective framework based on Activity Theory.

Where? Once again the ODI Node Leeds at Munro House opens its doors to the Pie Sharer’s Guild.

When? Thursday 9th of October, at 19:00 and aiming to finish no later than 20:30.

Finally, What will we do? there is only one way to find out… see you there :-)


  • Pie Sharers Guild

    Using open innovation to help creatives, makers and indie entrepreneurs collaborate to make Leeds a better city.

  • tim ineaux

    (Eye-know) Instigator, activist, botherer. Maker of live online video mashup mixes. Part John Peel, part Chris Morris. TSOH. Also @piesharersguild & @GFNLeeds

  • Alejandro Arnés

    Engineer-turned-Analyst, still like taking things apart to see what makes them tick (Personal Professional Views - Re-tweets are not endorsements)


  • ODI-Leeds

    Twitter Feed of the ODI-Node for Leeds and the City Region. We work to unleash the power of data and citizens.


ODI Leeds C/O Actuated Futures

3rd Floor Munro House, Duke St, Leeds, United Kingdom

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