Plan C LDN Strategy WkEND

location London | 9:30 AM Saturday 23 February — 4 PM Sunday 24 February 2019 (BST)

Dear Plan C LDN comrades!

We need some brain power! We decided last month to organise a strategy weekend on Feb 22/23/24 with the aim of creating a collective space to think through strategy and how it connects to analysis and organisation. This won't be an unstructured weekend of waffle but a series attempt to level up what we are doing in the ever growing collective called Plan C.

We aim to define 5 core principles that can function as common threads throughout what Plan C is. These principles aim to be instructive as they will guide how we coordinate across many different sites of struggles.

We aim to define and redefine the sites of struggles we organise on based from the outcomes and discussions. As ever, we want to make this as joyous and meaningful as possible!

We therefore invite you to come and commit to making this weekend enlightening with your creative thoughts, experiences, plans and ideas.

Fill out the poll, and confirm your attendance, or please specify if you cannot come.

In solidarity

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