#PodcastClub #15 - SHORT

location Emporium Logan Square | 7 PM-9 PM Thursday 25 February 2016 (CDT)

Short month, short theme, long time listening to great podcasts.

Our Listening List #15 will be hosted by, well, all of you. Y'all contributed to the short theme and we're listening to your selections. Cool.

PodcastClub #15 Short Listening List

  1. Criminal Episode 36: Perfect Specimen (22min)
  2. EscapePod #426: Flash Fiction Special (25min)
  3. The Heart: Riis Park (13min)
  4. Curious City: Don't Believe the Height (13min)
  5. Here Be Monsters: It Works Better in Movies (24min)
  6. Love & Radio: The Living Room (25min)
  7. The Longest Shortest Time: The Accidental Gay Parents (34 min)
  8. Pitch: Rock the Longbox (20min)
  9. Longform #161: Karina Longworth (50min) (the opposite of the theme)


Emporium Logan Square

2363 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60647, United States

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