#PodcastClub #16 PRESENT

location Emporium Logan Square | 7 PM-9 PM Tuesday 22 March 2016 (CST)

This is our #PodcastClub's sweet 16th meetup and to celebrate the theme is PRESENT.

Our Listening List #16 will be hosted by, well, all of you. Y'all contributed to the present theme and we're listening to your selections. Cool.

PodcastClub #16 Present Listening List

  1. Surprisingly Awesome's Frequent Flyer Miles (36min)
  2. Curious City's Chicago Architecture (13min)
  3. Future Tense's Language of Emoji (30min)
  4. 99% Invisible's Fresno Drop (15min)
  5. Africa Past & Present's Episode 98: City of Thorns (30min)
  6. Past Present's Episode 23: Apple v. US, Michael Pollan, and Guantanamo Bay (44min)
  7. Here Be Monster's Last Chance to Evacuate Earth (40min)


Emporium Logan Square

2363 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60647, United States

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