#PodcastClub #22

location Weegee's Lounge | 7 PM-9 PM Wednesday 21 September 2016 (CDT)

Podcast Club #22 – The Smell of Wet Leaves

September drizzle blankets the grey evening, a damp chill settles in, numbs fingers, and the smell of wet leaves pricks the fond melancholy of lives once led: past loneliness and college girlfriends.

Clear September skies and the trumpeting, far overhead, of sandhill cranes invoke the promise of past years’ back-to-school and days outdoors.

Our Midwest autumn is nostalgia and this month’s listening list ruminates on memory and reflection.

  1. Commit to memory: Odyssey: Memory and History (53 minutes) (right click to download)

  2. Is it live or is it Memorex? Poetry Off the Shelf: Everyone Always Gets Lost (18 minutes) Download Note: discusses Orlando massacre and suicide

  3. Lest we forget: Unreserved: Mother’s Day (9 minutes) Download full episode (We’re listening to the segment 2:00 to 11:05) Note: covers memories of abuse in Canada’s residential Indian schools

  4. Cast in stone: Art Institute of Chicago Audio Lecture: Experiencing Sullivan (27 minutes)

  5. In recent memory - a reflection on earlier in this playlist: Poetry Off the Shelf: Wives in the Avocados (17 minutes) Download full episode

  6. Like sands through the hourglass: New Yorker Fiction: “The Ormolu Clock” (48 minutes) Download full episode

  7. Living memory: Decoder Ring Theatre - The Red Panda: The Honoured Dead (28 minutes) Download full episode Spoiler alert: The Red Panda storyline follows the arc of a superhero duo’s career from near the beginning to the end in chronological order. Listening to this episode will reveal information withheld from a listener that starts at episode one and listens in order. Many listeners will think it best to listen to episodes 1 through 89 before hearing this one. (Get cracking.) Actual spoilers: Two helpful details to know about the current point in the storyline: Spiro died of a heart attack in the last year or so, Harry Kelly enlisted in the army (just shy of 18) and has been spirited away by a secret program

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Weegee's Lounge

3659 W Armitage Ave, Chicago, IL 60647, USA

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