#PodcastClub #23

location Green Eye Lounge | 7 PM-9 PM Monday 24 October 2016 (CDT)

Join Mica and John for an extra spooky listening list for Halloween.

  1. The Foundation: Radiolab Who’s Bad? (26 min) (iTunes)

  2. The Fear: Imaginary Worlds Zombie Therapy (17 min) (iTunes)

  3. The History: Myths and Legends Korean Folklore: Prayers (Story: 0 - 23 min) (iTunes)

  4. A Local Chicago Story: The Moth A Very Dangerous Person (7 min)

  5. A Few Listener Stories: My Favorite Murder Minisode #5 (22 min) (iTunes)

  6. A Bizarre Mystery Story: Futility Closet The Dyatlov Pass Incident (Story: 0 - 24 min) (iTunes)

  7. A Concluded Serial-esque Story: In the Dark The Crime (30 min) (iTunes)

  8. Not All True Crime is Murder: They Walk Among Us - UK True Crime Season 1 Episode 2 (28 min) (iTunes)

  9. Not All Paths are Safe: Monograph The Highway (17 min) (iTunes)

  10. Not All Victims are Identified: Thinking Sideways Taman Shud (32 min) (iTunes)

  11. Not All Witches are Born: Lore Episode 12: Half-Hanged (20 min) (iTunes)


Green Eye Lounge

2403 W Homer St, Chicago, IL 60647, USA

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