PodcastClub 27: Sounds

location Fountainhead | 7 PM-9 PM Tuesday 04 April 2017 (CDT)


Robert's list spends some time going over the possibilities of the medium of podcasts. Plus some other fun episodes added in. Here's 12 (short! don't worry!) podcasts we'll listen to and then listen to each other.

Pulse of the PlanetKatydids and Crickets, Chorus – 2 minutes – (itunes) (web) (mp3)

The Kitchen Sisters PresentSam Phillips, Sun Records and the Acoustics of Life – 32 minutes – (itunes) (web) (mp3)

Twenty Thousand HertzThe Mystery Hum and its Government Coverup – 10 minutes – (itunes) (web) (mp3)

This American Life110: Mapping, Act 2: Hearing – 12 minutes – (itunes) (web) (mp3)

Meet the ComposerJohn Cage – 12 minutes – (itunes) (web) (mp3)

The OrganistToward an Architectural Theory of Hugs – 24 minutes – (itunes) (web) (mp3)

Alfred Hitchcock and François Truffaut(interview tapes from French radio) Part 23, Le Position de la Camera: Psycho – 27 minutes – (web)) (mp3) (sound cloud)

Thinking AllowedAge of noise; British drinking (segment at 12 minutes in) – 16 minutes – (itunes) (web) (mp3)

All Songs ConsideredThe Martin Atkins Minute: Blackberry Jam Scam – 7 minutes – (itunes) (web) (mp3)

Completely Optional KnowledgeHave Whale Songs Changed Over Time? – 9 minutes – (itunes) (web) (mp3)

A Beautiful WorldBug Music: Are Whales and Nightingales singing the same songs? – 4 minutes – (itunes) (web) (mp3)

The AllusionistUnder the Covers Part II – 18 minutes – (itunes) (web) (mp3)

or find them all on the podcastclub rss feed.



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