Podcastclub 30 -- surveillance 

location Hopleaf | 7 PM-9 PM Monday 31 July 2017 (CDT)


This month Andrew provides us with a series of podcasts covering surveillance, with a mix of the light-hearted and the serious, the bizarre and the all too real.

Reply All#96 The Secret Life of Alex Goldman – 29 minutes – (itunes) (web) (mp3)

The OrganistPrivate Ears – 40 minutes – (itunes) (web) (mp3) (sound cloud)

Benjamin Walker's Theory of EverythingBurning Down The Panopticon – 22 minutes – (itunes) (web) (mp3)

Third Coast Audio FestivalShe Sees Your Every Move – Jonathan Mitchell – 7 minutes – (web) (mp3) (sound cloud)

RevealEyes on Cops – 53 minutes – (itunes) (web) (mp3)

Note To SelfThe One Thing You Can Do To Actually Fight Surveillance – 19 minutes – (itunes) (web) (mp3)

RadiolabThe Ceremony – 48 minutes – (itunes) (web) (mp3)

WireTapDrive Straight Ahead – 6 minutes – (web)

Revisionist HistoryThe Road To Damascus – 39 minutes – (itunes) (web) (mp3)



5148 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60640, USA

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