podcastclub 34: best of 2017

location Bryn Mawr Red Line Station | 7 PM-9 PM Tuesday 16 January 2018 (CDT)

best of 2017

Everyone likes an award show, right? Well maybe not, but as we've just kicked 2017 over the bridge, let's look back on the best podcasts of 2017 that we hadn't already listened to. A lot of favorite networks show up on our personal lists, with a good showing from Gimlet and Radiotopia in our recommendations and those from other sources of the media, but showings from Slate and NPR are in this list too. What do you think is missing?

Also, it's probably worth talking some about how podcastclub is going. What are we doing well? What could we be doing better? While it's good to hear from people who can make it to the meetup, we're also interested to hear from those of you who can't make it this time, or haven't made it in a while, or even ever yet. Hit us up with a comment below, or track us down on social media to let us know what you think.

Finally – the address above is approximate, we'll send the details out in our email. If you're not on our email list, you should join! sign up here: http://podcastclub.org/

UncivilThe Raid – 25 minutes – (apple podcasts) (web) (mp3)

The NodOn That Lo Life $hit – 25 minutes – (apple podcasts) (web) (mp3)

Slow BurnMartha – 25 minutes – (apple podcasts) (web) (mp3)

MogulGucci Boots – 34 minutes – (apple podcasts) (web) (mp3)

NancyThe Pentagon's Secret Gaggle of Gays – 23 minutes – (apple podcasts) (web) (mp3)

Love and RadioRelevant Questions – 46 minutes – (apple podcasts) (web) (mp3)

StrangersDo You Like My Little Lie? – 34 minutes – (apple podcasts) (web) (mp3)

CriminalBully – 28 minutes – (apple podcasts') (web) (mp3)

OlogiesThanatology with Cole Imperi – 83 minutes – (apple podcasts') (web) (mp3)

Ear HustleThe Shu – 28 minutes – (apple podcasts') (web) (mp3)


Bryn Mawr Red Line Station

Chicago, IL 60640, USA

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