Podcastclub 35: CrimePod

location Brisku's Bistro & Bar | 7 PM-9 PM Wednesday 21 February 2018 (CDT)


You've seen that joke going around about the 3 kinds of podcasts: 3 white dude comedians crack each other up, NPR person whispers you to sleep, and MURDERDEATHKILL. Here at #PodcastClub we mostly end up listening to the second genre, with the occasional third thrown in. But this month, it's all the third, with a list from a friend who loves the genre, Elizabeth Gomez. She wrote up her visit to Crime-Con last year so you know she's into it.

As always, the list is below, or subscribe to our RSS feed or Apple Podcasts feed.

The Generation WhyDeath of LaVena Johnson – 68 minutes – (apple podcasts) (web) (mp3)

CriminalThe Botanist – 23 minutes – (apple podcasts) (web) (mp3)

CultsFLDS 1 – 50 minutes – (apple podcasts) (web) (mp3)

CultsFLDS 2 – 50 minutes – (apple podcasts) (web) (mp3)

Queens of CrimeMenendez Brothers – 67 minutes – (apple podcasts') (web) (mp3)

CasefilePort Arthur – 79 minutes – (apple podcasts') (web) (mp3)


Brisku's Bistro & Bar

4100 N Kedzie Ave, Chicago, IL 60618, USA

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