PodcastClub 36: Migration

location Baderbräu | 5 PM-7 PM Sunday 18 March 2018 (CDT)


It is March, when a myriad of seasonal cues drive the arctic terns to use their endless days of Antarctic sunlight in irrepressible preparation for the northward leg of their pole to pole journey. It would be satisfying if I could honestly say the lengthening Chicago-days prompted, instinctually, my choice of listening list topic. But, in truth, the true origin of my topic choice was an excuse to include an episode of Threshold, one of my favorite podcasts of 2017. So I started poking around to build a full-fledged migration-theme and found many unexpected podcasts, most from podcasters I had never listened to before. I really like how these selections interact with each other and I hope you will enjoy the mix as well.

In a recent survey of #PodcastClub members, it was agreed that hearing different perspectives was something we are getting right as a group. With that in mind, I didn’t worry too much after creating a listening list that might be considered long-winded and esoteric, with a risk of being a little boring. Because, for better or worse, if you want to hear something that truly comes from my personal perspective, it will probably be long-winded, esoteric, and perhaps sometimes, but hopefully not too often, a little boring. And March might just be the perfect month for such a list. We have many long nights remaining before that first watery trill of the red-winged blackbird announces spring’s arrival and we might as well use a few of them to listen to podcasts.

Thank You- “Michael”

As always, the list is below, or subscribe to our RSS feed or Apple Podcasts feed. Note that The Past and the Curious, and Academy of American Poets aren't in the RSS feeds.

The Past & The CuriousBirds: – 22 minutes – (apple podcasts') (web)

The China History PodcastThe Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 – 28 minutes – (apple podcasts') (web) (mp3)

Academy of American Poets“Peaches” – 2 minutes – (web) Bird NotesFuel for Migration – 2 minutes – (apple podcasts') (web) (mp3)

Threshold“The Red Man Was Pressed” – 29 minutes – (apple podcasts') (web) (mp3)

Mike Dell’s WorldWhale Migration Report – 2 minutes – (apple podcasts') (web) (mp3)

pure evilwhale migration – 4 minutes – (apple podcasts') (web) (mp3)

Migration NationLand Before Lincoln – 45 minutes – (apple podcasts') (web) (mp3)

Nature’s VoiceBirds without Borders – 19 minutes – (apple podcasts') (web) (mp3)

Bird NotesHummingbird Migration – 3 minutes – (apple podcasts') (mp3)

The Brian Lehrer ShowThe Great Migration and Culture – 16 minutes – (web) (mp3)

Geography News NetworkThe Migration of the Monarch Butterfly – 3 minutes – (apple podcasts') (mp3)

Money Matters with Dee LeeSnow Birds: Migration Begins – 2 minutes – (apple podcasts') (web) (mp3)

The NodJumping the Broom – 34 minutes – (apple podcasts') (web) (mp3)

Encounters with Richard NelsonBird Migration – 29 minutes – (apple podcasts') (web) (mp3)

Decoder Ring TheatreFacing Cydonia – 27 minutes – (apple podcasts') (web) (mp3)



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