PodcastClub 38: This F*ing World

location Lemmings On Damen | 7 PM-9 PM Thursday 19 July 2018 (CST)

This F*ing World

UPDATE Cancelled for 7/19, and maybe rescheduled based on interest and time.

For July, Mica made us a list that is paying attention to the political world around us. Step 1, listen to the list like usual. But there's a step 2! On the day of PodcastClub (Thursday July 19) Listen to at least 1 and maybe all 3 of these daily news podcasts: NYT's The Daily (Out in the morning), NPR's Up First (Out in the morning), Vox's Today, Explained (Out by commute home). Whatever you end up making it through, join us to talk about the world out there.

Our location this month, Lemmings On Damen, doesn't have food, but are happy to let you bring food in if you like.

As always, the list is below, or subscribe to our RSS feed or Apple Podcasts feed.

This American LifeIt's my Party and I'll try if I want to – 59 minutes – (apple podcasts') (web) (mp3)

99% invisible#299: Gerrymandering – 45 minutes – (apple podcasts') (web) (mp3)

Best PeopleWhat's this about Title X – 18 minutes – (apple podcasts') (web) (mp3)

Stay Tuned with Preet BhararaLive (with Hassan Minaj) – 60 minutes – (apple podcasts') (web) (mp3)

More PerfectAmerican Pendulum Reprise – 48 minutes – (apple podcasts') (web) (mp3)

Mother JonesWho gets to Make America? – 27 minutes – (apple podcasts') (web) (mp3)

EmbeddedThe Waiver – 36 minutes – (apple podcasts') (web) (mp3)

Majority 54Connecting Through Comedy – 42 minutes – (apple podcasts') (web) (mp3)


Lemmings On Damen

1850 N Damen Ave, Chicago, IL 60647, USA

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