#PodcastClub #4

location The Double Urban Tavern | 7 PM-9 PM Wednesday 21 January 2015 (CDT)

It's like a book club but for podcasts.

Listening List for Wednesday January 21st!

We're going with some of the best podcasts, as picked by Slate.

  1. Louis CK on WTF with Marc Maron (2 hours)
  2. The Giant Pool of Money by This American Life (1 hour)
  3. Strange Fruit: Voices of Lynching by Radio Diaries (16 minutes)
  4. The Sound of the Artificial World by 99% Invisible (5 minutes)
  5. Space by Radiolab (1 hour)


The Double Urban Tavern

3545 West Fullerton Avenue, Chicago, IL 60647, United States

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