Poverty Stoplight

location Arts at the Old Fire Station | 10 AM-12 PM Wednesday 15 April 2015 (GMT)

What if we break down the concept of poverty into small manageable “pieces” for families to overcome? What if we utilize technology to facilitate social entrepreneurs, private business, and NGOs to offer simple solutions to these 50 little pieces?

Come along to hear Martin Burt, founder of Fundación Paraguaya, Paul Ellingstad, Hewllet-Packard, and Luis Fernando Sanabria, COO of Fundación Paraguaya and join for an interactive session to discuss the Poverty Stoplight Methodology and the use of technology for developing personalized plans for families to overcome poverty. Breaking down the concept of poverty into small, simple to solve indicators (red, yellow and green), the Poverty Stoplight allows families working alongside a mentor to utilize technology to better understand their poverty situation, and find solutions to the different indicators that affect them.

Together, we will brainstorm about more ideas for collaboration, finding innovation, unique solutions for families to overcome poverty, one step at a time.

Watch more here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SVL92-0tVlc


  • Paul Ellingstad

    Social Innovation junkie. Creating connections to unlock the global wealth of ambition, talent & intelligence: opportunity by opportunity. Applied innovation.

  • Fundación Paraguaya

    Our Vision: Paraguay, entrepreneur and poverty free, an example to the world.

  • Martin Burt

    Founder and Executive Director at Fundación Paraguaya

  • Luis F. Sanabria

    COO at Fundación Paraguaya - MBA IAE, Universidad Austral, Argentina - Abogado Universidad Catolica, Paraguay


Arts at the Old Fire Station

40 George Street, Oxford OX1 2AQ, United Kingdom

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