Product Ideation and Design

location Current Blend 307 E 4th Street 47542 | 6:30 PM-8 PM Thursday 21 April 2016 (SST)

Ever had a great idea and didn't know what the next steps were to get that idea into production; this seminar will show you the way.

Join Mick Hetman, a toy inventor and photographer, and Colton Newton, an expert in AutoCAD, for a fun and interactive exercise aimed at emboldening individuals to follow their dreams.


-How to determine if there is a need for your idea. -How to brainstorm for a new idea. -How to create 2D sketching to further define your idea.
-About a variety of ways to create a 3D model, or three-dimensional version, of your idea quickly and inexpensively.
-How to determine if your concept can be proven out by a model and if it should be brought to a global marketplace.

Mick Hetman is an Industrial Designer, BFA Purdue University, specializing in new product invention, licensing, and development. Through his company, Hetman Design LLC, he does freelance product design and also photography. Hetman is a partner in a toy and new technology company called TNT LLC. Top Notch Toys creates cutting edge RC toys for top manufacturers from Japan, China, Canada, and the USA. TNT LLC develops sophisticated electromechanical items that can be injection molded and mass produced to meet performance and cost criteria. The company recently exhibited for the first time at the 2016 Buy Indiana Expo and hope to partner with CRANE to develop military applications of our technology portfolio.

Colton Newton is the founder of Newton Designs LLC and a product design major student currently studying at Vincennes University. His tremendous background in 3D CAD drawing belies his young age, and as a certified professional in many forms of CAD software, he is noted by Autodesk as one of the top CAD students in the United States. His ideas and products have been presented to the President of the United States and recognized at the national level. Newton Designs LLC specializes in CAD design and small scale prototyping, and he often uses 3D printing technology to create new product parts for clients.

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