Build SMS Applications with Flask and Pindo.

Founded in 2014, Progate is an online platform that teaches the fundamental concepts of coding through a fun and practical learning experience to people around the world. So far, it has 550,000+ users including over 700 companies and 100 schools around the world. Currently, Progate operates in Japan, US, India, Rwanda, and Uganda.

Join us on 8th December from 3 pm and learn how to Build SMS Applications with Flask and Pindo.

  • Flask is a popular Python web framework, meaning it is a third-party Python library used for developing web applications.
  • Pindo is a communication platform for developers and machines

▼ What you will get - Learn how to build an API with Flask micro-framework - Learn how to use Pindo API - Build an SMS application

▼ Requirements - Knowledge of Python is required. - Knowledge Git is required. - Knowledge of Command Line is required. - Knowledge of Docker is a plus but not a must.

▼ Speakers - Remy Muhire

For cross-platform compatibility, we will be using Docker, make sure to install Docker before the event

If you haven’t completed or started these lessons you can find them on

See you at Westerwelle.




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