Purpose Disruptors Digital Gathering

location On a digital platform, TBC | Tuesday, March 17th, 19.00 - 21.00

Please join us for the first ever virtual Purpose Disruptors gathering

We'll bring the The Crown Tavern to your laptop as we host a Purpose Disruptors event, digitally. We'll bring elements of the pub atmosphere as we experiment with using a virtual pine cone to aid our discussion. Content TBC, but at the very least, we'll see what it's like building community in a virtual pub. Good learning for all of us. We hope to see you there.

Please sign up to register your interest, with your email and we'll send you log-in details when we know.

Purpose Disruptors is the networking group for people in advertising, media and other creative industries to come together and explore how we can meaningfully tackle our climate and ecological emergency.

Ben Bleet, Partnership Lead, Mediacom

Ben Essen, CSO, Iris

Helen Brain, Strategy Director and Social Change Hub Co-Lead, Mediacom

Jonathan Wise, Co-Founder of the Comms Lab

Lisa Merrick, Strategy Director

Pauline Robson, Managing Partner, Mediacom

Rob McFaul, Co-Lead Mindshare Purpose

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