PyNE June 2016 - Get concurrent!

location Campus North | 6pm Wed 13th July 2016

This month we have me (@rowanharg) telling us about concurrency in Python:

Get (con)current!

This talk is a bottom up look at the options for writing concurrent programs in Python. We will do an idiosyncratic, hands-on tour examining threads, generators and coroutines en route to building our own event driven server. In the process will will encounter the infamous GIL (global interpreter lock). We should finish looking at the new async await support in Python 3.5.

So if you want to learn about how to make your Python programs react to external events (i.e. add concurrency to them) then come along with Python 3.5 installed and play along! It's going to be fun!

Pizza will be courtesy of our kind sponsors Sharpe Recruitment (@sharperecruit) and Pebble (@mypebble) - get there early to get a slice! And we once again will be hosted by the ace folks at Campus North (@campusnorthuk).

Campus North is down the hill from the Body Zone Gym and the Bunker Coffee & Kitchen on the corner of Carliol Square. Please ring the doorbell, or tweet @PythonNorthEast, to get let in.

Hope to see you there and please spread the word.

The meetup requires a minimum of 15 signed up to proceed.


Campus North

5 Carliol Square, Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear NE1, UK

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