Python NE Nov - Python, Robots & Lasers

location Campus North | 6 PM-8:30 PM Wednesday 12 November 2014 (GMT)

Python, robots and lasers - From “hello world” to WALL-E in 3 months

This month Tom Cooper (@tomncooper) will tell us about his MSc project building an automated platform (called RALF) for calibrating indoor location systems (with a laser). Tom used various technologies to achieve this but Python was the glue holding RALF together. Well that and no small amount of blu-tac and duct tape.

Tom will go through the robot hardware, sensors and APIs he used to bolt RALF together and will focus on how you approach a big Python project like this when you only have three months and the most you have ever done is say “hello world”. With that in mind don’t expect standards compliant (or particularly efficient) code, but do expect to hear some dos and don’ts for Python novices and many opportunities for experienced Python devs to help out with sage advice!

Code dojo

Hopefully Tom will be able to get enough Arduino boards together for a hardware based Code dojo. If anyone has an Arduino board lying around that they can bring along that would be most appreciated!

For the unacquainted a code dojo is a hands-on group coding session. Having picked a challenge, in small teams we set about coding up a solution. Then at the end of the allotted time we get together and show each other our code (bugs, warts and all). The aim is simply to have some fun - there is really no pressure to produce good or even working code! Although it can be quite intense, working with other people is a fantastic way to learn. Everyone from Python beginners to pros get something out of it.

Pizza will be courtesy of our kind sponsors Sharpe Recruitment (@sharperecruit) and Pebble. And we once again will be hosted by the ace folks at Campus North (@campusnorthuk).

Campus North is down the hill from the Body Zone Gym and the Cornerstone Cafe on the corner of Carliol Square. Please ring the doorbell, or tweet @PythonNorthEast, to get let in.

Hope to see you there and please spread the word.

The meetup requires a minimum of 15 signed up to proceed.


Campus North

5 Carliol Square, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1, United Kingdom

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