Rach Trek

location No.178 | 6:30 PM Saturday 13 December — 1 AM Sunday 14 December 2014 (GMT)

30th Anniversary

To celebrate my 30th anniversary of boldly going where no transwoman has gone before, I’d like to invite all my friends to this inter-galactic inter-species gathering.

Be you a Human, Andorian or a member of the Orian Syndicate you are welcome to come and dance the night away. Just remember that phasers should be set on stun. Weapons malfunctions do happen, so please wear protective neon clothing or standard issue uniforms at all times* while inside the holodeck.

You can expect delicacies to be served all night. Our chef has catered for the Klingon Gay Council, the Lesbian Romulan Officers Club and the Vegan Andorian Alliance.

  • Yes, please do dress up!



178 New Cross Rd, London SE14 5AA, United Kingdom

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