A brunch with a vision for women of purpose

Blissful Pursuit is organising an event for young women to connect and empower each other in their careers, aspirations and day-to-day lives. The day will begin with a brunch, followed by a chance to network and a group photoshoot.

A day of conversation and laughter. An exchange of wisdom and stories. A discovery of power and connections. An ignition of hearts and minds. There will be be laughter, jokes, maybe even tears, but most importantly there will be something be moved within each and every woman there.

Dress Code: BOLD- Our presence is undoubtedly powerful and our impact goes deep, we inspire, we influence, we empower. We colour the world with an unquestionable radiance. We bring life, we bring flavour, we bring character, we are bold.

Restaurant address, prices and menu will be shared once attendance is confirmed. BP kindly asks individuals to pay for their own meals and has carefully planned to ensure the food will be affordable, £20 pp will be more than sufficient.



Reading, UK

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