Redesigning University.

location 7 Randolph Cres | 5 PM Saturday 25 April (GMT)

About a fortnight ago I decided I wanted to get a bunch of disgruntled graduate yopros into a room to tear down the concept of University, shake it of all of the useless, accumulated crap and legacy, air our grievances about its shortcomings and gaping, shameful flaws. Going back to the start of why it exists and building a vision of what further education should and could be. Undergrad, Postgrad, PhD, the whole shebang.

I started writing down a list of conversation topics, and got distracted for two weeks by the fact that they seemed to fit together into a coherent vision of what a University could be. This has given me the false illusion that we could create a new University in London, because it simply does not have enough Universities.

We will discuss University, yell, draw on the blackboards in my kitchen, draw on the tablecloth and piss off Viva, draw on the whiteboards provided and consume an immoderate quantity of food and alcohol. By the end we will emerge, brandishing the future of education for the finest minds of someone else's generation.

Please RSVP and do feel free to share with people who have strong opinions about education in general!


7 Randolph Cres

7 Randolph Crescent, London W9 1DP, UK

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