ReMixing Culture – Free 3 Hour Workshop

Ever wanted to remix a museum? Imagine you can change anything in a museum – how would you go about it? What would you do first? What questions would you ask? How would you map out a prototype? During the 3 hour workshop you will: • Have a tour of an exhibition • Be asked to redesign an exhibition, what would you change? How? • Asked to create a team. • Start prototyping! • Share your prototypes

This workshop will encourage you to think outside the box in redesign the museum but will provide strategies to use on your museum or business.

This is open to everyone and any sector!

Thank you to Birmingham Museums for hosting this one-time event!

Don Undeen: Founding and Senior Manager of the MediaLab at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Don is currently an independent consultant based in Washington DC, and involved in a range of initiatives that connect the vision of the arts to the practical needs of business and social entrepreneurship. Don is the Manager of the new Maker Hub at Georgetown University. He is the chair of the Vatican Art & Technology Council's "Creative Lab" Committee, which is building an innovation space devoted to the message of Pope Francis. He also serves as an expert advisor to the European Erasmus+ funded "Creative Museum" project, which connects museums with maker communities throughout Europe.

Mar Dixon: Creator of many projects such as MuseomixUK and MuseumCamp, has fingers in many pies including culture, digital, publishing, wearables and tech sectors. She is driving force behind the acclaimed and world trending campaigns including #MuseumSelfie, #AskACurator, @52Museums, #MuseumWeek, #LoveTheatre. Mar speaks at many international conferences in additional to running workshops from small business to national/international museums and everything in between.


Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery

Chamberlain Square, Birmingham B3 3DH, UK

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