What is ResearchOps? 

location OUTSYSTEMS Portugal | 7 PM-11 PM Monday 11 June 2018 (WEST)

Let's explore ResearchOps

ResearchOps is a nascent and fast-growing field. The ResearchOps Community on Slack is now 500+ strong and growing. Since its creation the Slack has become a place for people from all walks of research and design life to exchange ideas, know-how, and, yes, frustrations, about the running of research teams and projects.

One of the most popular topics of conversation has centered around exploring what we mean by ‘ResearchOps’: what does it mean to operationalise research?

The ResearchOps Community is running a series of global workshops to:

  • Create spaces in which we can explore what we mean when we say ‘ResearchOps’
  • Share knowledge and stories about how we’re doing research today give members an opportunity to express what we need and want from our community
  • Last but not least, create spaces for us to meet one another in-person!

Some of the questions we’d like to explore are:

  • What research operational challenges have you experienced?
  • What are your operational successes, if any?
  • Where do you see opportunities to improve research operations in your organisation?
  • What do you think ResearchOps includes?
  • What should our Community do for its members?

Logistic details:
Outsystems, Tower 2, 2nd Floor
R. Central Park 2A, 2795-242 Linda-a-Velha

Free parking available in center from 19h00 onwards.
Materials and nourishment will be provided by the the great guys at Outsystems.




R. Central Park 2A, 2795-242 Linda-a-Velha, Portugal

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