| Paying our respects at the end of an era

Dearly beloved…

We are gathered here today to pay our respects to the browser that was IE6.

We will always smile as we remember laying pages out with the humble TABLE tag and the feeling of hope and trepidation as we sought your approval of our one-pixel gifs and background images.

"It worked first time in IE!" we would shout. "First time!" Oh the elation that you brought us.

Through your work you made an invaluable contribution to sustaining sales of Windows just so people on a Mac could check their websites still worked in you because their clients demanded it.

But you will always be remembered as a firm, and stern mistress. Stray from the path, and our humble web designs would be scattered to the winds. "Javascript error on line 7", you would say, mysteriously. And we would listen and work laboriously to mend our ways.

Through you we learnt our craft. Those halcyon days are now passed. Rest in peace, IE6, you will be remembered.

/Image by Ben Salter/

The undersigned…


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