Saatchinvest Founders Forum 

location 7th Floor, 36 Golden Square | 5 PM-7:30 AM Tuesday 13 January 2015 (GMT)

Meet founders in our portfolio. Help each other. Help us be better.

We have 9 portfolio companies You will have a lot of the same issues. We think it would be great for you to meet each other. There will be wine and snacks ;-)

We plan to do a couple of these a year with the view that you will have a lot of the same issues and be able to help each other. The first session will be a bit of a get to know each other but also we'd love feedback on us….would be great to share:

Problem you currently have Single most helpful thing other investors have done for you How we at Saatchinvest can be most helpful to you

From us it will be David Kershaw, Jeremy Sinclair, Alex Dunsdon and Leo Castellanos.

Look forward to it. Hope you can make it.


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