This is for four sessions of Breakers, a World of Dungeons hack by John Harper. Being able to attend each session is ideal, but not required. You must RSVP to each session you wish to attend.

The magical realm of Kyvr'ax has collided with Earth, shearing the dimensions and creating a mashed-up borderland between our reality and the monster-infested domain of the wizard Kai Shira Kai. You play working-class heroes who explore the twisted Break seeking fame and fortune. But don't stay too long, or the Cloud of Woe will surely find you!

The whole point of Breakers is for modern-day, wisecracking characters to go into dungeons and deal with monsters and magic as a matter-of-fact kind of ordinary job. It's a little bit Ghostbusters, a little bit Hellboy, and a little bit Ash from Army of Darkness. When the Breakers go on a call, a region of the dark world has broken through the dimensional cracks and fused with part of Earth. Maybe it's a mashup of the local multiplex theater and the Fire Bog of Ugrok. Or maybe the Tower of the Flaming Skull has overtaken the top of the Seattle Space Needle. Find a location on Earth.

Within each break is a keystone shard—a large (and highly valuable) iridescent crystal which "pins" the dimensions together. If the crystal is destroyed (usually with C-4) or somehow removed, the Break collapses in spectacular fashion. Imagine Indiana Jones running away from the giant boulder, except the giant boulder is a roiling mass of dimension-shearing energy. It's the Breakers' job to close the break, for which they receive payment from FEMA. But most Breakers make a living by selling the weird artifacts and shard-fragments they find during their adventures.

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