Savvy Support Data

| 2 PM-3 PM Sunday 06 December 2015 (PST)

Let's swap strategies on setting up data and reporting for support teams, beyond performance metrics.

Consider what you've done (or what you'd like to do) to better position your team to provide customer insights to your product team.

  • How have you used data to advocate for change in the interest of our customers?
  • What types of data do you look for? How did you determine what was best?
  • How can we stay scrappy and use existing tools, like built-in reporting and data in Zendesk or HelpScout, to gain more measurable insights?
  • Overall, what works? What doesn't?

We're excited to meet with you! Check-in on the #chit-chat channel in the Support Driven Slack Sunday December 6 at 2pm. We'll send video invites for a Hangout (or an alternative service) based on demand/interest.

If you're not in the Support Driven Slack group already, you should be!


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