Second Canvas workshop.

<b>You are invited to the Second Canvas Workshop, by Madpixel.</b>

<a href="">Second Canvas</a> makes great art even greater.

Through Madpixel’s extraordinary <b>ultra-HD</b> gigapixel images art can become a personal and interactive experience, allowing the user to view even the smallest details of a brushstroke in superb high definition, discover stories behind and share the experience.

In this participatory workshop you will learn about our <b>Gigapixel</b> technology, the Second Canvas platform and its importance in this age of high definition and retina screens, changing the experience at the museum but also when at home and at school.

We will demonstrate, for the first time, <b>iBeacons</b> and how they are integrated into the Second Canvas platform, bringing to life museum and gallery paintings in a way rarely seen inside a museum. Furthermore we will show how the iBeacons behavior is managed in real-time using Second Canvas Studio (CMS).

Through live demonstrations of our innovative technologies you will learn how to create a unique user experience that is changing the way people experience art.

We look forward to you being a part of our event.

Madpixel team

Following the workshop, we’d like to invite you to join us at #DrinkingAboutMuseums at the Museum of London Wall Bar, 150 London Wall, London.

More about Second Canvas:

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