Sex with Russians

location CU46 Gallery. Calle d'en Serra 17, Barcelona | 7 PM-10 PM Thursday 28 March 2019 (CEST)

Opening of the inaugural show at CU46 Gallery

The art exhibition Sex with Russians brings together the work of two young artists Maria Seltsova (Ulyanovsk, 1986) y Vera Uvarova (Moscow, 1989). Both Russian-bred and Barcelona-based, they ​​seek to demystify female sexuality through the use of their own bodies as the main artistic tool. Taking the principles of body art and action art, the artists explore various themes related to their sexuality and their life history.

The work of Vera Uvarova takes as a basis confessional art, and body art. Through her paintings, the artist explores the concept of memory based on the remembrance of a past love. Employing small format canvases that resemble cinematographic frames, the artist recreates her memories through the impression of her breasts and vulva on the surface of the canvas, almost as if she recreated again and again her past sexual encounter. The memory that was stifled due to the stigmas and the conditioning factors of society, is reconsidered and taken by the artist as a source of inspiration for the claim of her own sexuality and her own narrative.

In the case of Seltsova's paintings, the artist seeks to address the notion of self-love as the main axis of her work. Based on the principles of tantra, Seltsova strips naked before the large canvases that lay on the floor, and uses her body as a portal of cosmic energy. With the help of self-exploration and masturbation, the artist activates her senses and uses the orgasmic energy that runs throughout her body to perform rhythmic and explosive choreographies on her canvases. Those canvas whom previously where covered with the representative colors of each chakra as a background, are now dissipated by an explosion of colors, gestures and traces that emanate from the body of the artist. Giving as a result a testimony of forgiveness and healing from the artist towards her own body.

Through the lens of these artists we can create new narratives where women, based on plastic experimentation, break down the prejudices that society, laws and patriarchy have imposed on their own bodies. Through their art, these artists manage to make peace with their own bodies and claim what belongs to them.

This show gathers around 20 artworks from different sizes such as small formats like 30 x 30 cm, to sizes 150 x 150 cm, acrylic on canvas and oil on canvas. Amongst the paintings there will be a video projection of the artist Maria Seltsova working on her artworks, as well photo registry.

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