SFPC Salon

For the Summer 2016 session, we are holding a two day salon with a variety of speakers including leading practitioners in the field and friends of the school. These talks (in form of casual conversation, performance) will happen on Monday June 6th, and Tuesday June 7th. We’ve invited them to talk and lead discussion about their own work, research or interests or alternatively to address a key question of SFPC:

What is poetic computation?

What should a school be?

What could a school be?

What projects, platforms, tools, ideas, resources should we be thinking about?

What does it mean to take something apart and put back together in new ways?

What are the gaps and how to we fill them?

For the latest program of speakers

6.6 & 6.7. 2016

7~9 pm

Door open at 6 pm

155 Bank street, NYC

This event is open to public.


School for Poetic Computation

155 Bank St, New York, NY 10014 미국

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