SFPC Spring 2015 Final Showcase

Please join us for the School for poetic computation (SFPC)Spring 2015 Final Showcase at Babycastles Gallery in 137 West 14th St 2nd Fl. 5.20 7~11pm.

The showcase will present work in progress and learning process of students who participated in SFPC's fourth term, and is curated by Lauren Gardner, SFPC Alumni.

Please join us at the Babycastles Gallery to meet our amazing students and celebrate their hard work.


Wonyoung So

Catarina Lee

Johan Bichel Lindegaard

Georgia Guntherie

Maria Michails

Achim Koh

Anastasis Germanidis

Eve J. Weinberg

Andrew Badr

Haijing Liu

Matt Daniels

Katie Smillie

Mecurial Lore

Oleg Pashkovsky

Mike Walczyk

Naoto Yoshimoto

Rodrigo Palacios Murillo

Graphics by Eve J. Weinberg, current student of SFPC.

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