SFPC Summer 2016 Student Showcase

location 155 Bank St | 2 PM-10 PM Saturday 06 August 2016 (EST)

155 Bank Street, NYC

Saturday, August 6th from 2pm~10pm Sunday, August 7th from 11am~5pm

School for Poetic Computation (SFPC) an independent school for art and technology, based at 155 Bank street, the Westbeth Artists' Housing in New York City. SFPC’s motto is “More Poetry, Less Demo!” and we invite you to SFPC Summer 2016 Student Showcase, where you can participate in artistic experiments, enjoy unexpected surprises and be inspired to start new collaborations.

This showcase is an open studio, a chance for our community to observe the students' journey of "poetic computation" and see their works in progress. 13 students spent 10 weeks exploring code, hardware and critical theory through courses, student-lead workshops and discussions at SFPC. Come meet our amazing students, celebrate their hard work and hang out.

Showcase website by Guhong Min

Come meet our amazing students, celebrate their hard work and hang out.

Summer 2016 Students

Brandon Liu
Carmen Aguilar y Wedge
Elite Kedan
Guhong Min
Helene Martin
Jonathan Leung
Krista Nordgren
Matt Visco
Max Fowler
Meina Kalayeh
Melanie Hoff
Nahee Kim
Oren Shoham

Thanks to

  • This semester's teachers; Taeyoon Choi, Luisa Pereira, Nick Montfort, Zach Lieberman & Lauren Gardner
  • Guhong Min for the showcase website and design


  • SFPC school

    School for Poetic Computation—since Fall 2013.


155 Bank St

155 Bank St, New York, NY 10014, USA

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