Sideroom #2: Experimenting with a Mobile/Virtual Church

location zoom | 11 AM-1 PM Sunday 04 August 2019 (GMT)

What if church were mobile and virtual by default?

The 21st century presents many opportunities to widen the parameters of how church could be organised and imagine new possibilities. From revisiting the structures of the early church, which moved from house to house breaking bread to the opportunities afforded by digital technologies in today's world and everything in between, this Sideroom conversation will be a space to exercise your imagination and creativity.

Our guest speaker for this session will be Shelley Poole, Artist & Designer based in Cooranbong, Australia. Shelley will present a speculative design project she has been working on in the South Pacific Division investigating what a virtual church could look like and its implications for the future

Talks will be followed by breakout discussions where you can meet and chat to other like-minded people from around the world. .

Sideroom is a series of online meetups for Adventist/Christian changemakers, innovators and creatives who are curious about and want to actively shape the future of our church.

All around the world we are seeing many new ideas, experiments and faith expressions and the Sideroom exists to connect people and the ideas who will collectively drive the change we want to see.

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