Sideroom Conversation #1: Mission & Metrics

location Zoom | 10 AM-11 AM Sunday 14 July 2019 (BST)

How might we shift the focus from church growth to church health?

We invite you to join the Sideroom, first in a series of online meetups for Adventist/Christian changemakers, innovators and creatives who are curious about and want to actively shape the future of our church.

All around the world we are seeing many new ideas, experiments and faith expressions and the Sideroom exists to connect people and the ideas who will collectively drive the change we want to see.

In this first session we'll be exploring how we measure success in our mission as a church in the 21st century.

Feature short talks and provocations from Pastor Marcos Torres of 'The Story Church Project' in Perth (Australia), as well as stories from Keiran Mckenzie and Daniel Blyden of the Restore Project in Birmingham (UK) who will share their experiences of a growing a new church community in the city.

Talks will be followed by breakout discussions where you can meet and chat to other like-minded people.

Future sessions will take place on the following dates and topics and speakers will be confirmed:

Session #2 - August TBC Session #3 - Tuesday 3rd September 7:30pm GMT Session #4 - Wednesday 2nd October 7:30pm GMT


  • Pastor Marcos

    Pastor Marcos Torres is founder of Story Church Project. Their goal is to inspire church members and leaders to rethink their churches and redesign them for mission - especially in secular western culture.


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