Thanksgiving at Nick and Barbara's!

location 8900 Oak Valley Rd | 4 PM-10 PM Thursday 22 November 2018 (CST)

Join us!

Once again, Nick and Barbara Siemens have graciously offered to host Thanksgiving at their beautiful home in Oak Hill.

Dinner will be served by 630p

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What to expect

Dinner Guests

If you are not contributing anything to the meal that requires reheating, you are considered a Dinner Guest and you can arrive anytime after 4p. Bring an appetite, and a bathing suit in case we decide to go for a dip in the hot tub!

If you want to contribute to the meal, but don't want to cook anything, contact Jordan Gasc or Barbara Siemens to let them know what you plan to bring. We will track these contributions on a separate page and reach out to you for confirmation!

Contributing Host

If you are bringing a home cooked meal to share, then you are a Contributing Host and you should reach out to Jordan Gasc or Barbara Siemens to inform them of what you plan to bring! We will be preparing food in Barbara's kitchen throughout the day, and if you are a contributing host then you can visit the Meal Prep page to see what everyone is cooking, when you should arrive at Barbara's house, and whether you should bring your meal ready to serve, or if you have a spot in Barbara's kitchen to cook your meal. Details on cooking logistics can also be found on the Meal Prep page.

Finally, Contributing Hosts can bring as little or as much as they want, but ideally they should plan to bring enough servings of their contribution to cover anywhere from 25-35 guests.

See you then!


8900 Oak Valley Rd

8900 Oak Valley Rd, Austin, TX 78737, USA

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