Some Guest #3: Hacking Sleep

location The Theater | 11:30 AM Wednesday 23 March (SST)

Some Guest #3: Justin Massa & Jeff Kahn!

For most of us, sleep is something that we surrender to at the end of the day. This talk focuses on how you can claim control over your sleep, ensuring that you can sleep deeply, sleep enough, and wake up refreshed. Zzzz. Join Justin Massa and Jeff Kahn in the Some Office Theater to learn a bunch of stuff about sleep.

This is the third guest of regular series of smart people visiting the office for lunch to talk about what they know. This event is just for Some Officemates.

11:30AM: Potbelly sandwiches served. 12:00PM: Talk begins in the theater; chip bag opening ban begins.

Please let Trin know of your dietary restrictions, and please RSVP!



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