Some Guest: Lucianne Walkowicz

location Writers Room | 11 AM Thursday 03 March (CST)

Some Guest #2: Lucianne Walkowicz!

When Stars Attack! Join Lucianne Walkowicz in the Writers Room to learn everything you ever wanted to know about how solar flares affect life on Earth and our aging power grid, but were too busy stockpiling post-apocalypse supplies to ask.

This is the second guest of regular series of smart people visiting the office for lunch to talk about what they know. This event is just for Some Officemates.

Potbellys will be served at 11:00AM, and the talk will start at 11:30AM. There will be a ban on opening chip bags once the talk has begun!

Please let Trin know of your dietary restrictions, and please RSVP!


  • Lucianne Walkowicz

    astrophysicist. artist. transient bioelectrical phenomenon hurtling through space.



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