A meet up for audio professionals at Red Bull Studio in London

The next #sonicmeet event will take place at Red Bull Studios in London, with special guests and plenty of audio chat. Oh, and beer.

Roland will demo their awesome new AIRAquot;Roland AIRA") system, and as usual there'll be plenty of drinking and audio chat. The night will continue after 10pm for night owls elsewhere in the capital.

For updates on the night, follow the @sonicmeet Twitter accountquot;Sonicmeet Twitter") or follow the hashtag '#sonicmeet'.

What is #sonicmeet?

It's a regular meet up for audio professionals which started in London with a group of recording engineers. Since then, it's played host at some of the best recording studios in the world, and features demonstrations from equipment manufacturers large and small.  

You can host a #sonicmeet at your studio too - just contact @sonicmeetquot;Sonicmeet twitter") or visit the #sonicmeet websitequot;Audio engineer meet up") and we'll take it from there.

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Red Bull Studios

155-171, Tooley St, London, United Kingdom

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