Southworth's September Supper Club for Stressed Startup Souls (3sc3s)

A dinner for Startup CEO's

So, there's loads of stuff for "People interested in Startups" ( I know because I helped set em up) and loads for "People who may have a startup/idea/no clue". (I know because I go to them/set them up).

But, there's very few for "I am a funded startup, with investors, employees and stress", so why don't we set up a night that helps everyone by talking about the pressures, problems and solutions of being a CEO over a glass of something?

It's the opposite of "Diner du cons"

You can register your desire here to attend, and then I'll set up a mailing list for us all, and hand pick 12-20 per month to attend.

I'll try and keep things fairly sector relevant, but with a few wild cards to keep things fun.

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