Goal-setting Peer Groups

location ul Parchevich 29, Sofia, Bulgaria | 5 PM-6 PM Monday 08 April 2019 (EEST)

Accelerate your idea with regular goal-setting, coached by your peers and experienced mentors.

Regular peer feedback helps us see the big picture and stay on track. Hearing the results of our own advice helps improve our own thinking.

You can think of it like going to a personal trainer, so you develop regular habits, but that the personal trainer is a group of your friends, so more about what you learn together.

How it works

We get into groups of 4 or 5 people, who all commit to meeting every 2 weeks for the next 2 months. Bring your friends, or come alone and we'll match you to a group.

  1. Before meeting every two weeks, we record our learning progress with our ideas. What did you want to learn? How did you interpret your results? What do you want to learn next and how?

  2. Each person has 8 minutes to present their learning and get feedback. The first 2-3 minutes is to present, the group gives rapid-fire feedback for the remainder of the 8 minutes.

We don't ever challenge your idea or give strategic advice. Instead, we focus on what you want to learn and why, and how you'll do it. We help you run experiments, conduct research and interpret the results.

Feedback comes from your peer group, who understands you because they get to know you over time, and from startup mentors who facilitate the workshop and help you frame your goals.

What will you learn?

This way, you get insight into business risks and learning methods, and you build your awareness of good tools, contacts and companies that are relevant to your idea.

And every 2 weeks, you learn something key about your idea that helps it either progress or adapt, saving you time and building your momentum.

How to qualify?

Everyone is welcome to pop by and join. After your first session, all we ask is you decide if you will commit to your group for 2 months, since this commitment is needed so the groups know each other well.

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