Startup Studio Nescio: Drinks #1

location Rokin 75 | 6 PM-10 PM Friday 21 October 2016 (CEST)

The first and thus far most extravagant edition of the monthly Startup Studio Nescio friday afternoon drinks

Startup Studio Nescio

And you're invited! We've been happily walking the tightrope with for over 8 years, we founded about 4 years ago and is our most recent endeavour. About time we unite these adventures in one brand! So that's: Startup Studio Nescio.

Time to celebrate! Join us for a fun evening of viciously dangerous party tricks, off-the-beat dancing contests and drinks rated with a hipster-level of at least triple A. When and where? At the Rokin 75, October 21st from 6-10PM.

Hope to see you there!

High five,

Startup Studio Nescio

Ps. Beware of the ADE party on the top floor by the way, we'll be sure to join those guys later on : )


Rokin 75

Rokin 75, 1012 KL Amsterdam, Netherlands

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