location The Collective HQ | 6:30 PM-9 PM Wednesday 03 June 2015 (GMT)

Ideas and conversation for music industry people in London

Stems is a new event in London for those working in the music industry who want to share their ideas, experiences, questions and challenges with like-minded people in a relaxed and open environment.

It’s free, informal, and places a focus on forthright conversation and educating attendees (and the organisers) in different topics that they may normally not be exposed to. We hope that Stems stimulates new ideas & collaborations, and offers practical knowledge and skills that people can go and test out for themselves.

We’re starting really small, with a few friends and associates of ours getting together over a few drinks. If things go well, over time we’ll look at inviting some people from divergent fields to add different perspectives.

The events will be fairly free form but we have 3 main broad themes to base things around; ‘Fails…’, ‘How..?’ and ‘Why…?’, plus the Surgery - an open Q&A.

For this event, the conversation starters will be;

  • Fails…in live touring
  • How…much does social media really matter - do the numbers mean anything?
  • Why…do we need curation?

A few guidelines;

  • It’s ok to talk about failure (as long there are some learnings that came out of it)
  • Don’t worry about asking stupid questions
  • Bring something with you - it doesn’t need to be anything spectacular; just an idea, question or conversation starter
  • A +1 is welcome if you think they’ll be interested and interesting (but please double check with us first as the room isn’t very big)

We hope to see you there!



The Collective HQ

Bedford Square, Fitzrovia, London WC1B 3JA, United Kingdom

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