Story Game Sunday - Invisible Empire

location Google Hangouts | 2 PM-6 PM Sunday 05 February 2017 (EDT)

We're playing Invisible Empire!

This week, we are playing Invisible Empire by Epidiah Ravachol.

In Invisible Empire, you will be explorers, sages, musicians, historians, viziers, dancers, generals, diplomats, courtiers, and messengers who have come before the throne of the Silent Emperor.

The Invisible Empire stretches beyond all horizons, its people are unnumbered, and the Silent Emperor wishes to know it all. You each, in turn, will regale the court with the wonders and horrors you have witnessed in your travels in the Invisible Empire.

Should the Emperor be displeased with your tale or by your manner, there will be no escaping your grim fate. But those that bring before the court truly unique experiences shall have one more glorious day with this most terrible of patrons.

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